WAKT 106.1FM Appearance

WAKT 106.1FM is based out of Toledo, OH, a city that holds a special place in my heart. I called the city home for four years. The city is full of creativity including the work of WAKT. The station has a program called Homegrown Toledo Creatives hosted by Dr. David Harms and Miriam Wagoner. They asked me to contribute twenty minutes of material so I recorded two stories (The Flock Unseen & DIY Lamp Kit) and seven poems (I’m not sure how I feel about the sound, Flirting with Disaster, Running Sound Interference, Feeble, The Eavesdropper, For the City of Light, & A bit too obvious).

You can stream the episode online right now or if you’re in the Toledo area you can catch it at 106.1FM tonight.

The Flock Unseen was first published in The Merida Review. It was reprinted in my four-story collection The Flock Unseen published by Clare Songbirds Publishing House.

DIY Lamp Kit first appeared in FILTH.

All seven of the poems I read on the program appear in my first full-length collection of poems Flirting with Disaster published by Alien Buddha Press.

I’m not sure how I feel about the sound won The Song Is.’s Thelma Prize as judged by Catfish McDaris.

Flirting with Disaster first appeared in Thirteen Myna Birds. It was reprinted in The Song Is.

Running Sound Interference was published by Can We Have Our Ball Back?

Feeble was published in The Rush.

The Eavesdropper was published in Taxicab Magazine.

For the City of Light was published by Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

A bit too obvious was published by Red Bird Chapbooks’ Weekly Read.

All the best,

A.S. Coomer

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