This Is Poetry Volume IV: Poet of the South

Happy Wednesday, y’all,

First off Michele McDannold is an amazing poet. She’s also a great editor and activist for literature. Through Citizens for Decent Literature Press/Literary Underground she’s released four volumes of her anthology series This Is Poetry. The first volume was filled with wonderful poems from women of the small press. Volume II centered around poets of the Midwest. Volume III focused on poets of the West. For the fourth volume of the series Michele McDannold has collected poems from poets of the South. I’m lucky to have three poems included in this volume: Maybe the Burning Bush, I Wrote this Sober, and Flirting with Disaster.

Other Southern writers in this volume include Stephanie Bryant Anderson, Melanie Browne, Nadia Bruce-Rawlings, Todd Cirillo, Michael D. Grover, Sandy Olson Hill, Ted Jackins, Susan Mickelberry, Eileen Murphy, T.A. Noonan, Karen Parker, Tim Peeler, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Donna Snyder, Michael Quasimofo Snyder, Belinda Subraman, and Edward Vidaurre.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon (where the book has crept into the top 100 poetry anthologies).

Maybe the Burning Bush was originally published by Foliate Oak, I Wrote This Sober was originally published by Meow Meow Pow Pow as a broadside, and Flirting with Disaster was first published in Thirteen Myna Birds then reprinted by The Song Is.

All the best,

A.S. Coomer

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