A.S. Coomer is the author of several unpopular books and collections.


SING WHILE YOU CAN is a nine-poem chapbook published by The Grind Stone in 2023. There are only 50 of these chapbooks in existence.


Signed, Limited-Edition Chapbook – SING WHILE YOU CAN, A.S. Coomer

This limited-edition chapbook (only 50 made) contains nine new poems published here for the first time. The cover was designed & hand-stamped by C.S. Mathews. Jonathan S. Baker did the layout.



Songs for Leaving is the latest collection of poems from prolific writer and musician A.S. Coomer. “Be the damn after every God,” he advises, “. . . make a big stink.” Lots of great verbal pictography here, each piece distilled and presented in exact, precise language. Growing gardens of hope in the heart, and where else can we grow, after all, ache like bulb near bloom, hollowed out by a deeper need? With night blues looming over it all, as the televised sky screams the screech of bombs, as we viewers feign calm, numbed by numberless views of the same unfeeling broadcast, beholden to the lows by our spectation through thin hard glass walls of screens on our phones and computers, miles and miles of wires between us and the action, & here come the End Times, fa la la.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s SONGS FOR LEAVING

$15 includes shipping in the USA. 25 poems. 6×9 paperback.



There’s a monster on the loose. All across the Ohio River Valley women are going missing.

Jacob Hunter Goodman’s childhood is filled with trauma. When he reaches adulthood, God calls on Jacob and he answers with a fervor unlike anyone before him. Jacob is compelled to make strange religious sculptures but each piece has a sinister secret.

In Birth of a Monster, A.S. Coomer holds the mirror up to a sick culture of power and dominance worship and the kind of monsters it can create.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s BIRTH OF A MONSTER

$30 gets you a signed paperback copy of A.S. Coomer’s BIRTH OF A MONSTER (Grindhouse Press). Shipping to continental USA only.



When adjunct professor Stephen Paul accidentally discovers the suicide note of his recently deceased friend, he unwittingly trips a wire into his own enigmatic madness. Within hours, the basic characteristics of his life rupture and are transformed by incarceration and psychiatric chaos. As a prisoner of the state and of his own body, Stephen’s existence appears absurd, ruthless, and barely stitched together. He must come to embrace that the only way out is through an associative mind, one that is as much invisible as it is material.

Memorabilia is a Kafkaesque narrative driven by the existential nature of creation. It’s a novel of self-discovery, exploration, and understanding, risking more and more as it progresses. A.S. Coomer questions the nature of reality and the reliability of the mind.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s MEMORABILIA

This print run was limited to 100 hand-numbered and signed paperback editions of Memorabilia (11:11 Press) by A.S. Coomer.



Misdeeds is a collection of crime fiction from A.S. Coomer. It contains the previously-unpublished novella, Dellie’s Ditch, as well as five short stories: The Goddamn Amazon HereThe FixerTrail Magic (Good Intentions) Buffalo Nickel Hat, and the Pushcart Nominated More Rust than Nickel. While these five short stories have appeared in print, in one form or another, this is the first time they’ve been included in a single collection.

Dellie’s Ditch unleashes a vagabond Rasputin with ill intentions onto a quiet neighborhood in south Toledo, where he quickly begins inflicting his sinister control of the suburban children.

The Goddamn Amazon Here lets the horror slip into the ordinary.

The Fixer is the guy you don’t want to meet, the guy who collects debts and fixes problems. Chances are you’re not going to like the way he fixes things.

More Rust than Nickel is a bleak look at the pale, seedy underbelly of America. Set in his hometown of Detroit, Cable is a man in limbo, no longer able to fully exist in the past but not willing to adapt to the present. Something’s gotta give and somebody’s gotta pay for Cable’s hard-luck life.

Trail Magic (Good Intentions) is an epistolary from a monster that preyed upon hikers and wilderness lovers on the Appalachian Trail.

A casino in Toledo, Ohio is the stage for an armed robbery that doesn’t go quite as expected in Buffalo Nickel Hat.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s MISDEEDS

$15 gets you a signed paperback copy of A.S. Coomer’s crime fiction collection MISDEEDS (Shotgun Honey Books/Down & Out Books). US shipping included.



Jefferson Wellman is a lawyer and has everything—money. He also has a particular taste when it comes to pleasure. And what Jefferson doesn’t have he can purchase. His friend, Richard, visits him at his office one day with a contract and an invitation for a fetish auction by a new company. Bad Pain Entertainment guarantees to have what Jefferson is looking for . . . a ‘ponygirl’. But when Jefferson shows up for the auction located in a remote wooded area, things don’t go exactly as planned: Richard never arrives, Bad Pain’s personnel are a little peculiar, Jefferson wakes up missing a few fingers, and the rest of the attendees are dead. Jefferson believes he has the knowledge to keep his reputation from being ruined. But what he doesn’t know is he is now the focus of a new kind of fetish.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s THE FETISHISTS

$15 includes US shipping. THE FETISHISTS (Grindhouse Press)



Biology Professor Kevin Ballard finds his quiet life rocked by a series of vicious mysterious events.

First, his mother is slain in his childhood home. Then his girlfriend (and research assistant) is kidnapped from their cabin and he finds that the plant he’s studying is apparently being used in strange local rituals.

To top it all off, the police think Kevin is somehow involved. Who wants to wreck his life and why?

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s THE DEVIL’S GOSPEL

$20 includes US shipping. Paperback and ebook published by The Wild Rose Press.



There is a light and there is a darkness. There is, also, a space in between. Homer Antumbra inhabited this no-man’s-land. In his flickering flame of a life, he shined the light and lived with the darkness. His life and work changed the craft of songwriting, both showing what a song could be and hinting at where it could go. His work redefined a genre before shattering any attempts at categorization. Shining the Light is the first in-depth look into the man, the myth, the music of Homer Antumbra, ensuring the light still shines.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s SHINING THE LIGHT

$15 includes US shipping of SHINING THE LIGHT (Atlatl Press)



A chapbook of four stories: The Flock Unseen, Polly Jean, Attempts. Failures., & A Truly Ugly River.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s THE FLOCK UNSEEN

$15 includes US shipping of THE FLOCK UNSEEN (Clare Songbirds Publishing House)



Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems is the debut poetry collection from writer & musician A.S. Coomer. The collection consists of sixty poems, including the Thelma’s Prize winning poem “I’m not sure how I feel about the sound,” Pushcart nominee “The Old Skins of the New Snake,” & several previously unpublished poems.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s FLIRTING WITH DISASTER & OTHER POEMS

$15 includes US shipping of FLIRTING WITH DISASTER & OTHER POEMS (Alien Buddha Press)



RUSH’S DEAL revolves around Rush Walters, a kid looking for the answers. What answers? All of them. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get them too: black magic, praying, tasseography, extensive studying, bibliomancy, summoning demons and personal guardian angels, reading comic books, just to name a few. Rush, every bit the coming-of-age teenager, is oblivious to the repercussions his actions have on those around him.

RUSH’S DEAL dives headlong into the Faustian, remarkably dark and, at times, very humorous pursuit of knowledge. Demons, drunks, guardian angels, vampires, nuns and train-hopping hobos all make–or fail to make, alas–an appearance over the course of the story. Will Rush Walters find what he’s looking for? What will he be willing to do to get it? What’ll the consequences be?

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s RUSH’S DEAL

$20 includes US shipping of RUSH’S DEAL (Alien Buddha Press)


C.V. HUNT’S HORRORAMA (which features my novelette STOR-ALL SELF-STORAGE)

Ready for the book version of a horror movie marathon? Horrorama brings you three novelettes reminiscent of those popcorn fueled all-nighters.

Stor-All Self-Storage by A.S. Coomer

Richard Dennison has just landed a new job at the Stor-All Self-Storage as a night security officer. The owners are a bit strange but not as bizarre as the renters who visit their units at night. And the only instructions he’s been given are to call the police.

Also included in HORRORAMA: Primitive by Lucas Mangum & The Vessel by Matt Harvey.

Signed Paperback Copy of C.V. Hunt’s HORRORAMA (includes A.S. Coomer’s novelette STOR-ALL SELF STORAGE)

$15 includes US shipping. Signed by A.S. Coomer only.


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