Live at the Rack

Happy Caturday, y’all,

The good folks at Bike Rack Records were kind enough to let me play a few songs and talk a little shop & a little shit for their live video series Live at the Rack. I played Spit on my Grave and Smell the Roses while my version of a Robert Palmer girl, Rebecca the Mannequin, stood beside me for moral support.

The video was secretly funded by Hershey’s Chocolate Tears®, who asks, “why cry tears when you can cry chocolate tears?™”

We talked a little bit about my upcoming projects, a new novel called Memorabilia due out in December via 11:11 Press, a book of crime fiction coming out in 2020 called Misdeeds via Shotgun Honey, a book of literary short fiction called The Flock Unseen due out the Monday before Thanksgiving via Clare Songbirds (UP FOR PREORDER NOW), a collection of folk tunes set in the badlands called Badlands with Z.P. Kunkle, my pedalboard, and a few other things.

It’s very Between Two Ferns-esk.

Big thanks and a fresh round of Hershey’s Chocolate Tears®™ to Mike and Mark for having me on their show.

All the best,

A.S. Coomer


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