The Coomers – Live at MotherBrain

Happy Halloween, witches & warlocks!

The Coomers‘ new collection of tunes Live at MotherBrain is out today on all major streaming services. It collects all three of our singles & their B-Sides for a six-song EP. We’ve got physical copies of the CD on the way & we’ll be hocking them at all our shows. Cover art by T. Davidsohn.



  1. Skeleton
  2. Cloudy
  3. Cheesecake
  4. Whipped Cream
  5. Badlands #2
  6. Run

All songs performed live & without overdubs by A.S. Coomer, Ethan Coomer, & Ross Clark-Coomer. All songs written by A.S. Coomer.

The recording was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Brett Siler of MotherBrain Sound Infrastructure. Band photos by Mark Rush Photography.


Links HyperFollow, Spotify, Napster, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Youtube, etc.


Nod yer heads.

-A.S. Coomer

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A.S. Coomer

Writer. Reader. Musician. Friend to cats. Collector of tattoos.

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