Happy Saturday, y’all.

Have you ever treated yourself on your birthday?

I’ve never really done it before, but this year I did.

Z.P. Kunkle and I released our collaborative record, Badlands, today.

Badlands, A.S. Coomer and Z.P. Kunkle, front cover 1.1.jpg
A.S. Coomer & Z.P. Kunkle Present: BADLANDS

Happy birthday to me!

Badlands is a ten-song collection set in the Badlands. We each wrote five songs for the thing and recorded it all on a four-track recorder, most of it in my basement in south Toledo.

Badlands was a transformative process for me. The limitations of working with only stringed instruments and a four-track taught me a lot about songwriting as well as a great deal about home recording.

A.S. Coomer and Z.P. Kunkle faded.jpg

There were some really special moments making Badlands. My wife, Rachel, and Z.P. Kunkle’s daughter, Vivian, sang on some of the tunes. Our buddies Mikey Peters (of Minglewood Labor Camp) and Vester Frey each supplied some dobro slide.

A.S. Coomer conducting the female vocal overdubs.jpg
A.S. Coomer conducting the recording of the Rachel & Vivian’s vocals.

The record is for sale on our Bandcamp page (10 songs for $10, plus bonus material), and up for streaming/downloading/sharing on all the streaming services: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play (for $9.49), Youtube, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Deezer, etc.

Here’s the HyperFollow:

Give Badlands a listen. Share it around. Buy it, if the spirit moves ye.

All the best,

A.S. Coomer



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