“Bullying the Song” Out Now in Goat’s Milk Magazine

Good morning, y’all,

Hope this Tuesday morning finds you rested and ready for another day of productivity.

I’ve got a new poem out in the third issue of Goat’s Milk Magazine called Bullying the Song. It’s a songwriter’s poem, but I think there’s a bit more happening in there. Give it a read when you get a chance.

Thanks to poetry editors Elyse Grant & Colin James Sturdevant.

-A.S. Coomer


Bullying the Song

A.S. Coomer


There’s something to bullying the song

Forcing it to become something else,


Bending vowels,

Slipping into the sheath of minor chords; soft, sweet, & low

Posing differing interpretations

Then pushing those, stretching them

Finding out which shoe is the closer fit


All the while keeping firm grasp of the reins

Despite the shocked creature’s fright

Learning that that actually is more of a bridge

than a chorus

That that could be an interesting run

in the second to last verse

But that will never work in anything

but my dreams

Learning years later

that despite the bullying

the hard times

the stolen lunch money stomach grumbles

and black-eyed blues

The little guy pulled through


I have remorse but in this song*, I rejoice


*Define as: these now-shortened-to-three-and-a-half-minutes-from-an-absurd-six-minutes-and-twelve-second-song-of-much-different-melodic-variations-and-issues


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