New Novel Alert: Memorabilia

​Morning, y’all,

I’ve been biting my tongue for a while now. I have a new novel coming out this fall called Memorabilia. I accidentally let this slip a few weeks ago at Bike Rack Records during the recording of the Peapod’s On The Radar Podcast. Some secrets are just too hard to keep.

The good people at 11:11 Press and I have been hard at it for a while now, editing and editing and editing, chewing over cover designs, and all the rest of the things a book-baby needs to grow up into a healthy, published novel.

I’ll be talking more about Memorabilia as publication nears, but for right now I want you to know this story is very important to me. Writing Memorabilia was one of the those transformative experiences, both painful and liberating, where you learn what you think, at the time, might be too much about yourself and your craft.

What is this I’m making?

Or is this making me?

Just what kind of dream is this?

It was terrifying; it was freeing. It was needed.

Memorabilia will come out in the fall. More info to come!

-A.S. Coomer


From 11:11 Press:

When adjunct professor Stephen Paul accidentally discovers the suicide note of his recently deceased friend, he unwittingly trips a wire into his own enigmatic madness. Within hours, the basic characteristics of his life rupture and are transformed by incarceration and psychiatric chaos. As a prisoner of the state and of his own body, Stephen’s existence appears absurd, ruthless, and barely stitched together. He must come to embrace that the only way out is through an associative mind, one that is as much invisible as it is material.

Memorabilia is a Kafkaesque narrative driven by the existential nature of creation. It’s a novel of self-discovery, exploration, and understanding, risking more and more as it progresses. A.S. Coomer questions the nature of reality and the reliability of the mind.

​Coming Soon // Fall 2019


Memorabilia A.S. Coomer 06272019.jpg
Memorabilia, A.S. Coomer, 11:11 Press


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