goddamn it anyway but the CD is out!

Happy goddamn Friday, y’all!

Today’s the day. The goddamn it anyway CD is officially out. It’s been a long time coming & I think I’m finally ready to share these tunes with the world.

goddamn it anyway consists of twelves songs. I wrote all of them. I played guitar and sang on all of them. I even played harmonica on “A Miner”. I designed the layout (including the sweet typo—happy hunting, y’all) & made lyric zines for the first 150 copies. I put my blood, sweat, tears, and time into this record. I believe in it. There. I said it. goddamn it anyway.

I’m lucky enough to be able to call some of the finest musicians in the Midwest my friends. The record is worlds better for their contributions. Sara Gibson made her cello sing. Oh Hell Sam Dell found all the right spots for his mandolin. Jake & the Venom Pilewski came up with some of the sweetest “tank-a-ling” on the piano. Jess Kuohn about broke my heart with her harmonies. Patrick McGee laid down some tasty guitar licks. Michael Joseph Peters made that lap steel swell and cry.

I’ve got some excellent photographer friends too. Big thanks to Michelle Elson (Twin Owls Photography) & Sunny Neuenschwander (Rising Sun Photography) for their great shots of such an ugly mug. If ever you need a photographer, look no further than those two.

You can buy ($15) the CD from me at shows. You can order the physical copy and/or digital files from my Bandcamp page. You can stream the record from Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, etc.

If you’re in the vicinity of northwest Ohio this evening, come on down to the Art & Performance Center of West Toledo. I’m having a big ol’ party/show to celebrate the release of this thing. We’ll kick it off around 8pm. My good buddies, Vester Frey, Craig James, & Ryan Roth, will  be playing sets of their tunes too. Pizza Cat will be in the house slinging pizzas. BYOB & some to share if ya wouldn’t care. Come party! goddamn it anyway!

Big thanks to Miriam Wagoner​ & Art and Performance Center of West Toledo​ for hosting this shindig (& for all she does for the arts community of Toledo).

If you dig it, support it. Share a song with a friend (or an enemy).

-A.S. Coomer

goddamn it anyway cd 3
CDs are $15
A.S. Coomer, goddamn it anyway, front cover
Front cover photo by Rising Sun Photography
A.S. Coomer, goddamn it anyway, back cover
Back cover photo by Twin Owls Photography


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