“A Miner” Out Now

The third single off goddamn it anyway is a song I wrote a few years back called “A Miner”. It’s the story of love loss and hopelessness in eastern Kentucky.

My good friends helped give it life. The recording features Sam Dell on mandolin, Sara Gibson on cello, Michael Joseph Peters on lap steel, and Jess Kuohn singing harmonies. I made the record with Michael Pierce at Sixtyten.

You can find the song on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Bandcamp (where you can order yourself and all of your friends and family a copy or three), etc.

If you’re in the area, you should definitely stop by for the record release show/party on 2/16/18 at the Art & Performance Center of West Toledo.

I made the last of the lyric zines for goddamn it anyway this morning. He’s a little time lapse of the cutting, folding, and gluing action from my Instagram.

A.S. Coomer


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A.S. Coomer

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