The Vampiress Velutina Stalks the Interwebs Over at DMdJ

Morning, folks.

I’m sure there’re some of you that haven’t picked up a copy of Rush’s Deal yet. Maybe you read the blurb and were unsure of the weirdness of the premise. Maybe you’ve just been busy doing that last minute holiday shopping.

In any case, an excerpt from Rush’s Deal is out now over at Danse Macabre Du Jour entitled: The Vampiress Velutina. It’s a good introduction to the two main stars of Rush’s Deal: Rush Walters & Velutina, Vampiress of the Great Black Swamp.

Read The Vampiress Velutina at DMdJ. Share it with your friends and family. Buy a copy of Rush’s Deal on Amazon for only $3.99 and you can take a little weirdness with you where ever  you may roam.

-A.S. Coomer

The Vampiress Velutina

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