Rush’s Deal–Debut Novel from A.S. Coomer–Out Now!


My momma always told me: Early is on time.

Believe it.

Rush’s Deal came out yesterday (three days early)! Big thanks to Adam Henry Carrière and the good people of Hammer & Anvil Books for taking the chance and publishing this weird novel. It’s 341 pages of the most fun you’ll have for $3.99. Here’s the blurb:

Rush Walters is a comic book-reading teenager looking for all the answers, and he’s willing to look in all the wrong places to get them, too: from calling upon guardian angels to summoning demons, employing tasseography bibliomancy – and black magic – Rush is oblivious to the price he and others must pay for his Faustian desires. RUSH’S DEAL is a headlong dive into the dark side of the quest for knowledge. Part non-visual comic, part alternative history of a forgotten swamp & its cursed residents, A.S. Coomer’s debut novel is an E-ticket ride for intrepid kids of all ages.

You can download Rush’s Deal to your phone, computer, tablet or read it right in your web browser. You don’t have to have a Kindle but you will have to download the Kindle app, which is free.

I’m super excited for this little monster to be out and about, terrorizing the world. Buy a copy for yourself and one for those on your holiday shopping list who love a good read. Don’t forget to review Rush’s Deal on Amazon and Goodreads!

-A.S. Coomer


Available exclusively on Amazon

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