The Devil’s Gospel

Published 3/6/19 by The Wild Rose Press.

Biology Professor Kevin Ballard finds his quiet life rocked by a series of vicious mysterious events.

First, his mother is slain in his childhood home. Then his girlfriend (and research assistant) is kidnapped from their cabin and he finds that the plant he’s studying is apparently being used in strange local rituals.

To top it all off, the police think Kevin is somehow involved. Who wants to wreck his life and why?


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Signed Paperback Copy of The Devil’s Gospel

A.S. Coomer's fourth novel, The Devil's Gospel, was published on 3/6/19 by The Wild Rose Press. It’s a thriller set in the rolling hills of Kentucky. The novel delves into wayward parental expectations, religious fanaticism, endemic plants, and more! There’s even an orangumantis (what you get when you cross an orangutan and a praying mantis). You can buy the paperback or Kindle ebook version of the novel on Amazon. You can buy a paperback copy of the novel, signed by the scribbling madman himself, A.S. Coomer, right here for $20. He might even scribble something special for you, if you ask nicely.


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The Devil's Gospel, A.S. Coomer, full jacket