Rural Eminence in the Museum of Americana

Happy Tuesday, y’all.

The good folks at the Museum of Americana were kind enough to publish a little statement I wrote about Rural Eminence Volumes One & Two. These are two collections of ambient instrumental music about rural life. You can read it here.

Issue Twenty-Two of MOA is jam packed with great content. There’s something for everybody: poetry (check out Seth Garcia’s poem “John Wayne, Chasing his Toupée Into the Toxic Western Wind, Sees an Anvil Fall Upon an Angel“—it’s as good as the title), prose (check out Erin Fitzgerald’s “When I was FLOTUS“), humor, the Art of Patricia R. Garey, music & book reviews (including a review of the Snarlin’ Yarns “Break Your Heart” I wrote & a review of Cornelius Eady’s “Anthology” by poet/musician Cal Freeman.

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All the best,

A.S. Coomer

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