The Byhalia Tapes – On Bandcamp Now

Last June I drove down to Byhalia, Mississippi, just south of Memphis, Tennessee, to hang out and make some music with my good friend Patrick McGee. If you’re not familiar with Patrick’s work, he’s an incredible painter, excellent songwriter, & a mighty fine guitar picker. He put out two great records in the last couple of years: Midnight Choirs and Cabarets & Serenading the Muse (both of which are streaming on all the major services now). Anyway, I went down there & set up some microphones & we recorded four songs; two of Patrick’s (I Been A Miner & Memphis Bound) & two of mine (Ludlow Lullabies & Cumberland Gap). We made all the sounds you hear, from wailing on the electric guitar in trading solos to banging on a busted snare with paint brushes while dancing with Patrick’s mischievous doggo Dullahan (who bites). My brother Ethan Coomer (an amazing songwriter & multi-instrumentalist) mixed & mastered the songs for us.

THE BYHALIA TAPES was a whole lot of fun to make. I hope some of that joy is apparent in the recordings. The EP is up for purchase on Bandcamp. If you buy the EP there, you’ll get access to a lyric booklet & some behind-the-scenes pics from the recording process. THE BYHALIA TAPES will be on the streaming services later on. Thanks for listening!

Byhalia painting by Patrick McGee. If you find yourself in historic Byhalia be sure to see Patrick’s mural.

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