SONGS Winter 2022/23 Mini-Tour Recap

Put some miles on the tires & slung some poems in the past couple of weeks in support of SONGS FOR LEAVING (Gutter Snob Books 2022). I had the great privilege of reading with many unbelievably talented poets & writers. I got to swap songs with some of the best Midwest songsters. I got to reconnect with dear friends. Made some new ones. Read poems in all sorts of different venues: libraries, bookshops, bars, breweries, & restaurants. Had an intimate living room reading. Met a beautiful shop cat. Even sold some books. They say life a trip, what a trip.

Thank you to every one of you who leant me your attention. You made all those speed check puckers worth while. All those blurred miles & gas pump fill-ups. End Time billboards & truckers slowing up the passing lane. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to share these words with y’all.

Big thanks to Aaron Hawkins & Flywheel Brewing, Wesley Johnson & the Daviess County Public Library, Cal Freeman & Pages Bookshop, Denise Phillips & Gathering Volumes, Jonie McIntire & the Attic on Adams, & Jonathan S. Baker, C.S. Mathews, Tim Heerdink, & Bokeh Lounge. Thank you so much for giving me the space & time to share these songs. It means the world to me.

Here’s a massive photo dump. These photos were taken by Miriam Wagoner, C.S. Matthews, Jodie Summers, Andrea Myers, Tanasio, Rachel Coomer, Nicholas Hall, Dee Brown, Todd Elson, & myself, in no particular order.

Signed Paperback Copy of A.S. Coomer’s SONGS FOR LEAVING (Gutter Snob Books 2022)

$15 includes shipping in the US.


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