SWAY Out Now

Happy Friday, y’all.

Today is publication day for SWAY, a limited edition collection of haiku from Michael D. Grover and myself. The book contains 100 poems: 50 from Grover, 50 from me. Only 30 copies are being printed. 5″x 8″ | 42 pgs | $7.99

These poems were written in and about rural places. You can hear the sway of brittle branches in the desert breeze. Morning mist blankets your face in the crisp Fall Kentucky morning. Watch the Floridian birds flit and dance. The moon smiling down its pale luminescence. It’s all there. And more.

“In this new American haiku collection from Laughing Ronin Press, SWAY, tercets are as uncoached as raindrops falling on parched earth. Birds wing away, trees sway in the sky, jets vapor trail like comets. Both A.S. Coomer and Michael D. Grover, are dueling tercet counters of syllables. Coomer sketches and hears the heartbeat of the rural West and heartland, while Grover touches on what flies and comes to him in his Florida backyard. You’ll be easily swayed to read these American shorts.

—Paul Cordeiro, moderator of Zen Poetry group on Facebook, author of Bare Earth, Wild Violets, archived at the Haiku Foundation Digital Library.

Big thanks to publisher Joseph Fulkerson.

All the best,

A.S. Coomer

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A.S. Coomer

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