Hope this Wednesday finds you well. I’m writing to let you know Todd Elson and I made a four-song EP called LATE NIGHTS IN PHILPOT. It’s out for streaming/downloading now.

Late last winter Todd came down to Philpot, Kentucky from Bowling Green, Ohio. We set up some microphones in my office and hit record. We did all the recording ourselves: singing harmonies (we got Rachel Coomer involved), laying down guitar solos on resonator and electric guitars, recording hand claps and other percussion sounds, etc. We had a great time making this record. It was mixed and mastered by Travis Geiman of Bigfoot Studios.

You can stream/download LATE NIGHTS IN PHILPOT on Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, Amazon Music, Apple Music/iTunes, YouTube, HyperFollow, & several other platforms.

We had an excellent release show/party at the Switchboard in Toledo, Ohio last week to celebrate. We’re having another EP release show on 5/28/22 at Flywheel Brewing in Elizabethtown, KY. There will be living music from my brother Ethan Coomer, Todd Elson, and myself. There might even be a musical surprise.

We have a limited run of LATE NIGHTS IN PHILPOT CDs available. We’re selling them for $5 in-person and $7 online, which includes shipping in the continental US.

Thanks for listening. Nod yer heads.

-A.S. Coomer

Photos by A.S. Coomer, Edits and Layout by Michelle Elson of Twin Owls

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