Shining the Light Turns Three

Three years ago Atlatl Press (RIP) published my fictional biography of Homer Antumbra: SHINING THE LIGHT. I had a great time researching (& writing) that story. The audiobook version of the novel came out this past May.

To celebrate the book’s toddlerhood I’m having a sale on signed paperbacks. $10 gets you a signed paperback of STL & includes shipping in the US.

Signed Paperback Copy of SHINING THE LIGHT

$10 gets you a signed paperback copy of SHINING THE LIGHT, including shipping in the US.


There is a light and there is a darkness. There is, also, a space in between. Homer Antumbra inhabited this no-man’s-land. In his flickering flame of a life, he shined the light and lived with the darkness. His life and work changed the craft of songwriting, both showing what a song could be and hinting at where it could go. His work redefined a genre before shattering any attempts at categorization. Shining the Light is the first in-depth look into the man, the myth, the music of Homer Antumbra, ensuring that the light still shines.

Thanks for reading!

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A.S. Coomer

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