Rush’s Deal Paperback Out Now

Rush Walters is a kid looking for the answers. What answers? All of them. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get them too: black magic, praying, tasseography, extensive studying, bibliomancy, summoning demons and personal guardian angels, reading comic books, just to name a few. Rush, every bit the coming-of-age teenager, is oblivious to the repercussions his actions have on those around him.

RUSH’S DEAL dives headlong into the Faustian, remarkably dark and, at times, very humorous pursuit of knowledge. Demons, drunks, guardian angels, vampires, nuns, and train-hopping hobos all make—or fail to make, alas—an appearance over the course of the story. Will Rush Walters find what he’s looking for? What will he be willing to do to get it? What’ll the consequences be? 

Good afternoon, y’all,

Today is publication day for Rush’s Deal. The paperback is out now via Alien Buddha Press. There’s an except from the novel on Alien Buddha Press’ blog.

You can buy all 275 pages of Rush’s Deal on Amazon for $14.07. The front and back covers of Rush Walters and Velutina were painted by tattooist Cole Dunn.

If you’re interested in reading/reviewing Rush’s Deal shoot me DM on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Signed copies will be available on my website in the coming weeks.

All the best,

A.S. Coomer

PS sharing is caring, so is leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

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