Rural Eminence Volume One

Almost two years ago I moved from Toledo, Ohio to rural western Kentucky, where I wrote, composed, and recorded a series of sixteen ambient instrumentals about living in the country called Rural Eminence Volume One. Most of the songs are nocturnes (I battle with insomnia) but there are a few daytime sounds in the collection as well.

Like a lot of things in the country, these songs can be used like tools. You can put them on while you’re studying or doing something productive. You can put them on to help unwind from a long stressful day. Play them as you prepare for sleep. You can also listen for the sake of hearing. There’s a lot going on in these recordings. I recommend a good pair of headphones.

There’s a bit of the rolling hills of Kentucky in each of the sixteen songs of Rural Eminence Volume One. Give ’em a listen. Share ’em around, if you feel so inclined. Let me know what you think. Stay safe, healthy, & sane out there, y’all.

All the best,

A.S. Coomer

Rural Eminence Volume One can be streamed online.

All 16 songs of Rural Eminence Volume One can be purchased digitally on Bandcamp for $10.00.

Rural Eminence

  1. Philpot Nocturne #1 Full Moon Rising
  2. Philpot Nocturne #2 Sleeping with the Window Open
  3. Philpot Nocturne #3 Night at the Green Barn
  4. Afternoon Thunderstorm, Late August
  5. Philpot Nocturne #4 As Dawn Approaches
  6. Philpot Nocturne #5 An Evening in November
  7. Philpot Nocturne #6 Night Drive with the Windows Down
  8. A Spring Morning on the Back Porch
  9. Philpot Nocturne #7 Heat Lightning
  10. Philpot Nocturne #8 An Autumn Rain
  11. Philpot Nocturne #9 Midnight on the Pond
  12. Philpot Nocturne #10 A Starry Night, End of May
  13. September Afternoons
  14. Philpot Nocturne #11 A January Night
  15. Narcissus & Forsythia
  16. Philpot Nocturne #12 Too Hot to Sleep

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