The Devil’s Gospel Turns One

Happy Friday, y’all!

My little eastern Kentucky thriller, The Devil’s Gospel, turns one today! It seems like yesterday we were editing the thing and here we are now and it’s been out a full 365 days.

For all those that read the book: Thank You! If you wouldn’t mind, leave a review when you get a minute. Those really help to spread the word!

For all those who haven’t, you can pick up The Devil’s Gospel in ebook or paperback formats at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Nobel, Nook, Wal-Mart, Apple Books, Scribd, rKobo, Google Play, Goodreads, & my site.


The Devil's Gospel

The Devil's Gospel, A.S. Coomer, full jacket

All the best,

A.S. Coomer

Biology Professor Kevin Ballard finds his quiet life rocked by a series of vicious mysterious events.

First, his mother is slain in his childhood home. Then his girlfriend (and research assistant) is kidnapped from their cabin and he finds that the plant he’s studying is apparently being used in strange local rituals.

To top it all off, the police think Kevin is somehow involved. Who wants to wreck his life and why?

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A.S. Coomer

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