2019 In Review

I hope the new year finds each of you rested and well. I hope you’ve pulled your family and loved ones closer to your hearts. I hope you made room in your life for joy and happiness. I hope Lady Luck has been kind to you and yours.

2019 was a busy year for me.

I’ve been hard at work writing, writing, writing.

I’ve had the good fortune to have three books published in 2019: The Devil’s Gospel, The Flock Unseen, and Memorabilia. Big thanks to the editors and publishers for giving each of these books life and love. Thanks to The Wild Rose Press, especially Windy Goodloe, Clare Songbirds Publishing House, and 11:11 Press, especially Andrew Wilt.

Along with the three books, I’ve had the good fortune to be interviewed a handful of times too: I was on the Writing the Rapids Podcast hosted by Joe Bielecki, where I read four poems; Matthew Haase interviewed me about The Devil’s Gospel for Entropy; Peapod and the boys at Bike Rack Records let me talk shop and play some tunes on Peapod’s On the Radar Podcast; Clifford Brooks reviewed Memorabilia and interviewed me about the book in The Blue Mountain Review; Meghan Hyden interviewed me on her blog Meghan’s House of Books; Scott Cole asked me twenty questions and I answered seven of them on his blog; & I got to hang out and play some tunes on Bike Rack Records’ live video series: Live at the Rack.

I conducted two publisher interviews for Red Fez: one with Burning Willow Press (RIP) and another with Analog Submission Press.

2019 also saw the release of the audiobook version of The Fetishists, as narrated by Sean Duregger, back in April.

My poem, Bullying the Song, was published in Goat’s Milk Magazine in July.

I was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel in 2019 for my literary and creative endeavors. I still think this might be the only positive thing Matt Bevin did for the state of Kentucky, but I guess I’m kind of biased.

2019 was a year full of music for me. My band, The Coomers, played a slew of shows, including a set at Firefly Nights in Bowling Green, Ohio, & released our six-song EP Live at MotherBrain. We also shot a live video with Shaker Steps and another with Chaotic Contributions. I also recorded and released a collaborative record with my good friend Z.P. Kunkle called Badlands. Also, my other band, Groove Canoe, released our first EP, Hold on Steady, recorded at Bike Rack Records.

2019 also saw my house grow as we’ve adopted two more cats: Louis & Murray.

The first morning of 2020 I spent working on the second book of what’ll be my first series. More on this later in the year. In the summer 2020, Misdeeds, a collection of crime fiction will be released by Shotgun Honey Books. I’ve got a few other surprises in store for 2020!

All the best,

A.S. Coomer

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