Run – New Single from The Coomers

Happy Saturday, y’all,

What’s more summer than a cruise with all the windows rolled down? The way the breeze laps at the sweaty tips of your hair … man, that’s the bee’s knees.

Well, Run, the new single from my band The Coomers, is about a summer car ride, but this one is more business than pleasure. The song tells the story of a drug deal gone wrong. The singer of the song directs the driver of the car to a secluded place out in the country where things don’t go as planned.

Run (A.S. Coomer)

Start ‘er up. Get ‘er goin’
You ain’t really sure where we’re really going
It’s fine. Hey, baby, it’s fine.

Ain’t got no brakes. Ain’t got no headlights.
It’s getting dark but the night feels just right.
It’s fine. Hey, baby, it’s fine.

Let’s open ‘er up, man, & let’s get drunk
Don’t worry about what’s in the back of that trunk
Oh no, man. Na na na

Hang a left, then take the next right
Just past the barn & it’ll be in sight
We’re there. Sit tight, goddamn it, we’re there.

Keep ‘er runnin’ & don’t you go
This won’t take but a moment or so
It’s fine. Hey, baby, it’s fine.

You better gun it; that didn’t go well
They took the dope but they still said “no sale”
Run, run, run, run, run

The B-Side of Run is Badlands #3, which I originally wrote for the Badlands record I made, and recently released, with my buddy Z.P. Kunkle. It’s the story of a desperate man pushed beyond his means.

Badlands #3 (A.S. Coomer)

I got a job in the badlands working in the mines for a spell
I up & married this redhead, well she knows how to give me hell
I got this truck & this bad buzz real cheap
& it’ll take them both just to carry me on down

Down the road, away from the river where you first laid hands on me
Pushed me down, held me under, nary a light did I see
The sky was blue, the faces were smiling, your mother was singing to me
You cried & so did I. I tried but I couldn’t believe in you.

You & me just dancing under them cigarette trees
Smoking big rock candy mountains, wishing we had something to eat
Now we don’t even roll ‘em up, we just sit around
& have entire conversations without making a sound

I gotta leave these badlands, I gotta get out now
When they find your body, I’ll be well on my way south
I think I took the wrong stuff, now I cannot see
Is this your ghost choking the life out of me?

You can purchase/stream/download the tracks on all the usual places: Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Napster, iHeartRadio, Deezer, etc.

Both songs were recorded live with no overdubs in a barn in Evansville, IN by Brett Siler of Mother Brain Sound Infrastructure, who also mixed/mastered everything.

Ethan Coomer – Drums & Vocals
A.S. Coomer – Guitar & Vocals
Ross Clark – Bass

Nod Yer Heads.

-A.S. Coomer

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