Three Poems to be Anthologized in This Is Poetry Volume IV: Poets of the South

Morning, y’all,

Hope you slept well or stayed up all night into the early morn having the time of your life.

Either way, three of my poems, Flirting with Disaster, I Wrote This Sober, & Maybe the Burning Bush, are going to be anthologized in This Is Poetry Volume IV: Poets of the South. Release date: TBA.

Flirting with Disaster was originally published by Juliet Cook in Thirteen Myna Birds. It was republished by Marianne Szlyk in The Song Is….

I Wrote This Sober was originally published as a digital broadside by Meow Meow Pow Pow by Jane-Rebecca Cannarella.

Maybe the Burning Bush was originally published by Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

Michele McDannold—who is amazing, seriously—is editing the book. She runs The Literary Underground. She also writes great poetry (see: Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days & Point of Departure) and reads it all across the country.

Go on and get about your day, y’all.

-A.S. Coomer

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A.S. Coomer

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