Signed Copies of Shining the Light


I hope your Caturday morning is full of Skeletor & Gozer & Samhain and the rest of the great villains from Saturday morning cartoons.

Know what would make the rest of your summer Saturdays bitching? A signed copy of Shining the Light!

Skeletor wants a signed copy of Shining the Light
“I’ll need a copy for every room of Castle Grayskull for when I finally take it,” said Skeletor, proud owner of four signed copies of Shining the Light by A.S. Coomer.

You can fill the barren rooms of your own personal Castle Grayskull with signed copies of Shining the Light too!

A measly $15 gets you a signed copy of the novel AND includes shipping! The list price for the book over at Amazon and Barnes & Noble is $12.95 and doesn’t include shipping, so Skeletor knows a good deal when he sees one.

Be like Skeletor!

Get your copy today!

(Make sure you leave a note with who you want the book made out to before you hit SEND.)


Signed Paperback Copy of Shining the Light

There is a light and there is a darkness. There is, also, a space in between. Homer Antumbra inhabited this no-man’s-land. In his flickering flame of a life, he shined the light and lived with the darkness. His life and work changed the craft of songwriting, both showing what a song could be and hinting at where it could go. His work redefined a genre before shattering any attempts at categorization. Shining the Light is the first in-depth look into the man, the myth, the music of Homer Antumbra, ensuring that the light still shines.


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A.S. Coomer

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