Shining the Light is out now!

Good morning!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me. After purging about a quarter of everything I owned, I filled a twenty-foot U-Haul with the rest of my belongings and moved back home to the Bluegrass State. Of course, it was the hottest damn weekend of the year too. If I do anything, it’s usually the hard way.

Though moving is always stressful, I knew I had this day waiting for me.

Shining the Light full cover promotional

Shining the Light, my biography of Homer Antumbra, is out!

I had so much fun writing this one. I got to read a whole slew of biographies on musicians, watch hours of rockumentaries, tear through article after article, and write the story arc for a multi-album conceptual epic. I focused on playing more gigs and tried to view each of those experiences through Homer’s eyes.

Somewhere along the way Homer Antumbra became real to me. I kept waiting to get word he’d be playing the Fox in Detroit or one of the bars on Adams Street in Toledo. Somehow he’d become that bucket list, can’t-be-missed concert for me.

Though you and I will never get a chance to see or hear the man, Shining the Light is the next best thing. It’s the biography you didn’t know you needed to read. It’s the novel that breathes more reality than most nonfiction titles. It’s the story of one musician’s journey to shine the light in a world of darkness.

Many thanks for Andersen Prunty for all his help making this book happen. Go check out the other Atlatl Press titles.


Go ahead and shine a little light on your bookshelves, y’all!


Love, Light, & Music

-A.S. Coomer

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