New Poems in the First Issue of Curate


Hope all’s well. Hope you’re seeing the light at the end of a long winter. I’m squinting and hoping that’s what I see barreling on down the line. Could be a train though…


I got some new poems out in the very first issue of Curate, curated by Erin Renee Wahl. Get hip; this is a cool thing she’s putting together. Read about what Curate is all about here. The poems will be up for a month minimum, then they’ll disappear into the digital ether so read ’em while you can.

I’m honored to grace Issue One, which includes: Swan Creek, clearing the road, The Beauty of Still Lifes, summer, Western Kentucky Parkway, Fall, Indian Staircase (originally published in the 2016 Hessler Street Fair Anthology), & A Cold Night in January.

Head on over to the Curate site and get curated.

-A.S. Coomer

Curate, Issue 1, screenshot
Curate Issue I

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A.S. Coomer

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