“Behind the Trees” Out Now

The second single from goddamn it anyway is out. It’s a dark narrative called: Behind the Trees. I wrote this song on a family getaway near Sleeping Bear Dunes in a little cabin on Little Platte Lake.

The song features Sara Gibson on cello, Jake Pilewski on piano, Michael Joseph Peters on lap steel, and Jess Kuohn singing harmonies.

Behind the Trees

Just like the night
You took the light
And stole away
Behind the trees

Such a little fight
For such a frenzied flight
You stole away
Behind the trees

Behind the trees is where they found you
Behind the trees is where you lay
Behind the trees in the heather
Your hair scattered like some torn bird feathers, Mae
Behind the trees and off into the night

With the morning light
Came such an awful sight
You torn and twisted
Behind the trees

Like a wayward kite
Came the sheriff’s lights
And you torn and twisted
Behind the trees

Through his deputy
The sheriff, he told me,
“Hey, boy, you’re looking at life.”
I said, “Oh, god, man.
You got the wrong man.
I never touched a hair on the head of my wife.”

He said, “I guess we’ll have to wait and see
Leave it to the people of Harlan County
Let them decided if you’re to be free.”
I said, “I ain’t got the money
For no high-class attorney, buddy
We’ll just have to wait and see.”



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goddamn it anyway will be released on 2/16/18 with an accompanying party/show at the Art & Performance Center of West Toledo.

-A.S. Coomer


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