Article on the Art & Performance Center of West Toledo Out Now in the City Paper


Hope all’s as well as  well can be for you and yours.

I recently wrote an article about a really neat spot in Toledo, Ohio: the Art and Performance Center of West Toledo. I believe what Miriam Wagoner, founder and creative director of APCWT, is doing at the Center is important for the arts community of the 419. It’s a place of collaboration and exploration and acceptance.

Give it a read. Give it a share. Help support local art.

And don’t forget to like APCWT on Facebook!

-A.S. Coomer

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A.S. Coomer

Writer. Reader. Musician. Friend to cats. Collector of tattoos.

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  1. Miriam E Wagoner

    Drew Coomer, what can I say… well for starters and he is a super talented young man definitely Bound for success in whatever Endeavor he chooses or all of them 🙂 songwriter extraordinaire and super interesting novelist. I will always be looking forward to see where he is going. Thank you for all that you do Drew 🙂


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