The Fetishists is out now!


Today is the first day of spring.

It’s also release day for my second novel, The Fetishists.

Both events mark a beginning and an ending. An end to the long, dark nights of winter and a beginning to more time, as fleeting as the flicker is, in the sun.

The Fetishists is more than a novel of horror; it’s also a novel of subversion. It’s an attempt at shattering the smug patriarchy on an individual level. It’s a brutal leveling of the fields.

But, in it’s most basic form, The Fetishists is the last thing you remember before the blackout. It’s the midday sun splashing onto your puffy, sleep-crusted eyes like a pail of ice water. It’s a goddamn story and a strange, brutal one at that.

You can buy copies of the novel directly from me for $13. I also have a limited run of tee-shirts printed by the wonderful Printed On A Lark that are only available through me for $15. The Fetishists is also available in all digital formats: Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Amazon’s Kindle, etc. for $2.99. You can purchase the paperback version of the novel directly from the wonderful people of Grindhouse Press as well as from Amazon.

-A.S. Coomer

The Fetishists, book & shirt.jpeg


Jefferson Wellman is a lawyer and has everything—money. He also has a particular taste when it comes to pleasure. And what Jefferson doesn’t have he can purchase. His friend, Richard, visits him at his office one day with a contract and an invitation for a fetish auction by a new company. Bad Pain Entertainment guarantees to have what Jefferson is looking for . . . a ‘ponygirl’. But when Jefferson shows up for the auction located in a remote wooded area, things don’t go exactly as planned: Richard never arrives, Bad Pain’s personnel are a little peculiar, Jefferson wakes up missing a few fingers, and the rest of the attendees are dead. Jefferson believes he has the knowledge to keep his reputation from being ruined. But what he doesn’t know is he is now the focus of a new kind of fetish.


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