“Satan’s Gravy” Will Be Published in Flapperhouse


Grotesque Glitter Witch Medusa, Juliet Cook, and I wrote a poem together. Yeah. That happened. We did this a while back. Juliet sent it over to the good folks at Flapperhouse and they’re gonna publish it in their Summer 2016 Issue–set to come out June 20th, 2016.

The poem is entitled: Satan’s Gravy. It’s crazy. It’s set in Hell. In the cafeteria down there.

You’ll want to read it. Or, maybe, you want to read it but know it’ll screw you up and look inappropriate to your friends and colleagues so you’ll read it on the sly and lie to everybody who asks “hey, did you read Satan’s Gravy?” mumbling things like “of course not” & “why would I ever, ever read something called Satan’s Gravy?” then try to hold it together while your existence comes steadily crashing down around you and everybody knows you read it but are too proud and devastated to admit it.

Anyway, the poem–Satan’s Gravy–comes out in Flapperhouse X: the Summer 2016 Issue on June 20th, 2016. I know you’re gonna read it.

-A.S. Coomer


flapperhouse logo from facebook
photo stolen from Flapperhouse’s Facebook
Juliet Cook reading at CatFest 2016.jpeg
Juliet Cook reading in Toledo at CatFest 2016 (hosted by yours truly)
Me reading at CatFest 2016.jpeg
Pic of me reading at CatFest 2016 stolen from Patrick McGee (of Logic Alley fame).

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