More News From the Poetry Front

Good morning, all.

This is a dispatch from the front. The poetry front. It’s hard out here. Alliteration is getting people blasted. Rhyme schemes are destroying battalions of writers left and right. Free verse is taking POW’s and treating them like animals. Assonance and Cacophony are smiting anything and anybody in sight.


There’s some good news. The good people at Blotterature have accepted two of my poems, The Straightening of the Path (for Michael D. Grover) and Face Wipes & Butt Pads, for their next print issue.

blotterature logo


One of my poems, Walkin’ Talkin’ Gypsy Cardinal Blues, is going to be included in an anthology of poetry the do-gooders over at Toledo Streets Newspaper are putting together. Toledo Streets is a really cool, nonprofit organization that focus on empowering people in poverty situations and homelessness. ┬áThe anthology should be available sometime near the end of February.

toledo streets logo

AND (again)

I’ve got a poem, Roll the ice for J sus, up over at The Poets Without Limits. The editor of the Toledo area part of the magazine, Lorraine Cipriano, just finished up interviewing me. I’m sure my awkwardness will shine through whenever that gets posted.

The Poets Without Limits Magazine logo


-A.S. Coomer

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