Four of My Poems are Alive and Fluttering NOW–as in right now, right this very second–Over at Thirteen Myna Birds

Julie Cook has released the last flock of Thirteen Myna Birds for 2015 from captivity. Head on over to the site to read four of my poems–fluttering birds numbered seven, eight, nine & ten–as well as poems from the likes of Lauren Gordon, Matthew J. Hall, Nicole Rollender, Erin Renee Wahl, Steve Sibra (whose poem “Shake Awake the Sandman” I particularly enjoyed), Lee Todd Lacks & Debasis Mukhopadhyay.

Get ’em while their hot. Who knows how long these little birdies will be up for your enjoyment.

Juliet’s agglomeration for this bristling collection: “anxiety hurls my goodwill at the wall – dropping the torsos in the stream – shards of colored glass everywhere – shooting stars in his satchel – with strange ropes amongst the stars and bodies – round as a Christmas orange – with the silk of spider-woven wishes – did it sink to be eaten? – reality shimmers into meaninglessness…”

-A.S. Coomer

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A.S. Coomer

Writer. Reader. Musician. Friend to cats. Collector of tattoos.

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