Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems

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Those dharma bums over at Alien Buddha Press and I are proud to announce the publication of Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems, a collection of sixty of my poems.

Flirting with Disaster front cover only screenshot 1.jpg
Death is hanging over me, mixed media on paper, 29.5 x 52 cm, 2013 by Marcel Herms

Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems is available as an 86-page perfectly-bound paperback for $10.44.

Thanks to the following literary communities for publishing versions of some of these poems: Thirteen Myna Birds; The Song Is…; Degenerate Literature; RASPUTIN: A Poetry Thread; FIVE Poetry Magazine; Better Than Starbucks Poetry Magazine; The Broadkill Review; Visual Verse; Sinkhole Magazine; In Between Hangovers; Curate; Red Bird Chapbooks; Red Fez; The Rush; Foliate Oak Literary Magazine; Rat’s Ass Review; Meow Meow Pow Pow; Full Of Crow; Taxicab Magazine; Blotterature; The Drabble; Children, Churches, & Daddies Magazine; One Sentence Poems; Street Light Press; Triggerfish Critical Review; 2016 Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology; Ghost City Review; The Poets Without Limits; Moonglasses Review; & Maladjusted LTD.

I had fun working with Red Focks & Jay Miner to get this thing out. Thanks Alien Buddha!

Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems, A.S. Coomer, updated jacket.jpg

If you’re looking for a signed copy of Flirting with Disaster, come see me at a show or click below:


Don’t forget to leave a review on goodreads, etc.

Thanks for reading!

-A.S. Coomer


Signed Copy of Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems

$15 includes shipping. Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems includes 60 poems including the Thelma's Prize winning "I'm not sure how I feel about the sound" and the Pushcart Nominee The Old Skins of the New Snake.



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