About A.S. Coomer

A.S. Coomer is a writer, musician, artist, and perpetual rain dog. His work has appeared in over fifty literary journals, magazines, anthologies and the like. He was nominated for the Pushcart Prize three times in 2016. His debut novel, Rush’s Deal (Hammer & Anvil Books), came out December 11th, 2016. A new paperback edition of Rush’s Deal will be published in 2018 by Lit Fest PressThe Fetishists, his second novel, was published March 20th, 2017 by Grindhouse Press. His third novel, Shining the Light, was published by Atlatl Press on July 6th, 2018. His fourth novel, The Devil’s Gospel, was published by The Wild Rose Press on March 6th, 2019.

A.S. Coomer is a fiction editor at Red Fez. He is co-editor of Cocklebur Press, a small, independent poetry press for “books that stick.” He runs Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records, a “record label” exclusively for poetry.

Five of his original compositions were featured in the Museum of Americana‘s The American Songbook in the late summer of 2017. His debut studio album, goddamn it anyway, was released February 16, 2018 and is available on all major streaming services. He sings and plays guitar in The Coomers. Check out two songs recorded live at Sixtyten on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, etc.

A.S. Coomer in the graveyard, photo by Michelle Elson, Lunatic Owl Imaging
Photo by Michelle Elson, Twin Owls Photography

You can connect with him here:






Cocklebur Press



Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records can be found at these spots:

Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records Site

LLGFR Facebook Page

LLGFR SoundCloud Page

Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems, A.S. Coomer, updated jacket
Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems


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